Professional Referrals

At Gray Wolf Ranch, we place a high value on referrals from addiction therapy professionals and others who share our commitment to helping young men on their way to recovery. Your referrals enable us to be a part of the transformative and lifelong recovery process for these young men.

Gray Wolf Ranch

Treatment Plans & Communication

When your client arrives at Gray Wolf, your connection to their treatment plan is integral. We value the partnerships and relationships we have developed over the past 20 years and seek the input of referring professionals in the development of our residents’ treatment plans and continue to confer and collaborate along the way. We will cater our communication to our referents and provide weekly progress reports from the resident’s counselor and respond quickly to any questions, comments, or concerns.

Continuum of Care

We understand there are many treatment options available for your client, but we feel our holistic approach goes beyond traditional, single-level approaches. Please contact us at 360-385-5505 with any questions or to talk to one of our directors about whether Gray Wolf is the right fit for your client.

“I am a Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Professional with 27 years of experience in the field.  I have been referring to Gray Wolf Ranch for over 15 years.  This includes referring a family member, based on my absolute confidence in the quality care Gray Wolf provides.  The young men who participate in their program receive excellent sober support, clinical care, and profound experiences in nature that promote well being on all levels.   Participants acquire living skills and have ongoing opportunities to practice them in the community as they peruse work and educational goals.  There are exciting expansion and growth happening at Gray Wolf Ranch.”

– Andrea St. Clair, MA, CDP, CC

Katherine Ketcham

“I know from research and real-life experience — my son, who is now ten years clean and sober, attended Gray Wolf in 2006 — that Gray Wolf provides a premier program and continuum of care with compassion as its keyword.  From primary care to extended care, sober living, vocational opportunities, and family programs, Gray Wolf creates a safe, secure, and well-traveled pathway to health, wholeness, and long-term recovery for the entire family.”

– Katherine Ketcham, author The Only Life I Could Save


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