An Investment in Healing

Gray Wolf is an immersive recovery program where young men can fight addiction in a private and supportive environment free of distractions. We offer ample resources to set these men on a path to lifelong recovery and walk with them on that path. The total cost of our program is significant, but this is an all-inclusive, lifelong approach that serves as a catalyst for change.

Gray Wolf Ranch

Financial Commitment

Payments are broken down into monthly installments, and there is also an initial deposit for allowance and incidentals (a private tutor, for example). We strive to be as upfront and helpful with the financial component of our program as we are with every other aspect of the program.

Gray Wolf Ranch

Insurance Coverage

We work with a third party insurance billing provider to help our families leverage insurance whenever possible. Insurance reimbursement can vary widely depending on an individual’s policy and allowable benefits. We can verify individual benefits often within 24 hours.

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Meet Our Team

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