Family Care at
Gray Wolf Ranch

When someone we love abuses substances it affects the entire family system. The stress families feel when dealing with a loved one who is addicted to alcohol or other drugs often reaches a breaking point and throws the family system into a state of chaos with anger and confusion felt by everyone.

At Gray Wolf, we offer wrap around care for families and their loved ones because we believe that supporting families is crucial. Participation in Gray Wolf’s family programming greatly increases success in recovery and overall family wellness.


Every family is unique, so we develop individualized family wellness plans to support each family throughout treatment at Gray Wolf Ranch. We have a specialized team ready to support families with access to a family counselor, the opportunity to engage in weekly teleconference sessions, and to attend an on-site family workshop. This is a unique opportunity for families to participate in treatment alongside their loved ones. Our family team works closely with our clinical team to integrate care for the Gray Wolf resident and his family and help answer any questions or concerns.

Part of the care program at Gray Wolf is to provide families an opportunity to attend on-site family workshops that are held on a monthly basis and provide a unique experience for all family members.


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Workshop Highlights

Topics that are covered within the teleconference sessions and
family workshops are:

  • Boundary Setting
  • Communication
  • Resiliency
  • Defining Codependency
  • Brain Physiology
  • The Disease of Addiction
  • Addiction & Codependency Relapse Prevention
Day in the Life

“There is not one ‘right’ way to help families. To be able to walk alongside families is a true gift, and it is the way we begin to break the cycle and create wellness.”

Nicole Sartore-Babuin, BSW, CDP – Director of Family Program and Outreach


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  • Certified Intensive Inpatient, Level I Outpatient, Recovery House, and Youth Residential Programming – Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery
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