Healing Fun

An important part of recovery starts with unlearning old, bad habits and then learning to have fun without drugs or alcohol. Most of our residents come to Gray Wolf not knowing what they love and where their passions lie, so our program includes a huge array of programs, partnerships, activities, and electives for residents to participate in. The curriculum includes sports, the arts, humanities, apprenticeships, internships, volunteer opportunities and more. Many residents end up trying things they’ve never done before, while others reconnect with hobbies and passions they abandoned during addiction.

Meet Matt

Recovery Aide

Matt is looking forward to helping other alcoholics and addicts to find peace and purpose in life free from substance use.

Electives & Activities

Art & Education

Connecting to your creative side can be a transformative experience, so we offer many activities centered around the arts and educational experiences.

  • art and glass museums
  • symphony concerts
  • theatrical performances
  • recovery meetings with special speakers
  • work and volunteer opportunities
  • working in the Gray Wolf kitchen
Electives & Activities

Sports & Recreation

Physical activity teaches discipline, strengthens the body, and develops confidence, so we offer individual and group activities as well as attending live events.

  • rowing and sailing
  • indoor rock climbing
  • fishing and scuba diving
  • Tai Chi
  • skiing and snowboarding
  • attending sports events
  • yoga, exercise classes & personal training
  • Electives & Activities
  • Electives & Activities
  • Electives & Activities
  • Electives & Activities
  • Electives & Activities
  • Electives & Activities

Wilderness Treks

Treks are a cornerstone of the Gray Wolf experience. Our nationally recognized Trek program has evolved over 20 years of exploring the natural landscape of the Olympic National Forest, the Puget Sound, and the Cascades. All Extended Care residents will participate in at least two treks while at Gray Wolf and have the option to go on a solo hike after at least one group trek. These 7-14 day camping, hiking, and sea kayaking trips teach the residents many life lessons and skills, including getting comfortable being uncomfortable and accountability to themselves and the group.

“Gray Wolf saved my life. Being on Trek provided a time to pause, challenge myself, and connect with people and nature in profound ways. I am forever grateful for the incredible opportunity.”

Harry A – Graduated 2003


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