Momentum Of Change

The Academy gives residents the opportunity to focus, set and achieve goals, build confidence, and discover new interests. It offers residents a clear educational path with the ability to enroll in courses, explore new hobbies and interests, and become part of the community. The Academy supports residents with a dedicated support staff and enables them to learn, grow, and discover their true passions in life.

Meet Shu

Director of Education

Shu is a self-described can-do girl, giving residents the space to realize they are smart and have potential. She wants to build self esteem and confidence in them to do whatever is their calling.

  • Chemical Dependency Professional
  • BS in Psychology
  • MS in Education

Academy Offerings

Property Amenities

Our educational property is located offsite at the historic Fort Worden in Port Townsend, and is open to Gray Wolf residents seven days a week. The Academy includes:

  • Apple computers and tablets
  • comfortable work and study areas
  • technology solutions
  • art and other supplies
  • library of literature and reference materials
  • tutors and instructors
  • online learning solutions

Educational Opportunities

There are many options and opportunities for residents to explore. High school-aged residents will continue school while at Gray Wolf, and older residents can pursue college credits or a degree.

  • earn high school credit through our partnership with Port Townsend School District
  • complete and receive credit for work sent from home high school
  • take courses online or through independent study programs
  • pursue and achieve a high school diploma
  • take classes or pursue a degree at Peninsula College
  • participate in volunteer work, apprenticeships, and internships
  • Academy Offerings
  • Academy Offerings
  • Academy Offerings
  • Academy Offerings
  • Academy Offerings
  • Academy Offerings
Gray Wolf Ranch Academy provides Individual Education Plans

Individual Education Plans

Each resident gets a personal educational assessment whether he chooses to continue with Gray Wolf Academy as an elective or not. The assessment gathers information about the resident’s educational background and personal interests, aspirations, and goals. Our instructors also ask about any work experience and learning disabilities and will sometimes reach out to previous schools to create a comprehensive, highly personalized education plan.

Good, Clean Eating

Life Skills Classes

Gray Wolf Academy offers several classes to help residents learn vital skills and manage the challenges of daily life, including Nutrition, Personal Finances, and Time and Health Management. These classes are optional but highly recommended, and over 75% of Gray Wolf residents take multiple classes. Instructors also offer individual support with resume creation, job searches, and interview preparation.

“I believe everything they have done matters. Somewhere along the line they think it doesn’t, but it does. It matters—they matter.”

Susan “Shu” De Lapp, CDP, BSc, MSEd – Director of Education


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