Food with Purpose

The kitchen is open so our residents can feel at home and have access to healthy snacks and wholesome food throughout the day. Proper nourishment is essential for our young men as they rebuild their strength and commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Kelly

Executive Chef

Kelly uses her culinary craft to express creativity and love. She believes “Everyone deserves to sit at a lovely table at dinnertime.”

  • 20 years experience
  • Seven years at Gray Wolf

Sample Meals

Dinner Menu

Kelly tries to keep the menu as varied as possible and never repeats the same meal in a three-week period. Here’s one example of the delicious meals residents enjoy.

  • grilled flank steak with chimichurri
  • broccolini with Tilamook cheddar sauce
  • rosemary roasted red potatoes
  • Caesar salad
  • homemade baguette
  • Meyer lemon tart

Breakfast Offerings

The young men at Gray Wolf can enjoy a variety of options from our breakfast bar each morning to build healthy routines and nourish the body to start the day. The kitchen offers a wide variety of options for breakfast:

  • hot and cold cereals
  • homemade muffins and croissants
  • assorted breakfast meats including bacon & turkey sausage
  • fresh fruit
  • fruit smoothies and yogurt
  • eggs and omelet fixings
  • Sample Meals
  • Sample Meals
  • Sample Meals
  • Sample Meals
  • Sample Meals
  • Sample Meals
Lending a Hand

Lending a Hand

Residents alternate setting the table for dinner and doing dishes on a weekly basis to reinforce life skills, healthy routines, and confidence. Residents can also work in the kitchen as an elective activity and receive training in knife skills, food prep, meal planning, and cooking.

Good, Clean Eating

Good, Clean Eating

Kelly serves wholesome comfort foods from all regions of the world made entirely from scratch. She takes great pride in making “clean food” using organic, non-GMO produce and humanely treated, hormone and antibiotic free meat. We source everything we can from local farmers and can accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies.

“Creating our meals with the residents is incredibly healing. It brings everyone involved great joy and nourishes not only the body, but the heart and soul as well.”

Kelly Bell – Executive Chef


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